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ICA 205

Looks and Matching with Resolve - $1,095

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This two-day workshop is a creative class that concentrates on how color correction can bring your movie or sequence to life. We will review movie sequences, discussing how the color and mode enhanced the film.  You will learn how to create the traditional “Looks” from Movies, TV commercials and Music Videos. We will then focus on matching those ‘Looks,’ not only shot to shot, but also how to apply the look across a whole scene.  


Warren will work with different cut sequences, each showcasing his techniques to get the best from each version.  One will be a TVC beauty type commercial shot on the BMCC. This is great for doing very soft/mist type looks. He will also demonstrate with a war sequence shot on Sony F3. It’s fantastic for a ‘Saving Private Ryan’ Bleach Bypass grade, a hot jungle look, or the classic Day for Night feel ‘House of Cards’ reconstruction, based on the original scene shot on Arri Alexa. This will include dialogue and rein acts from the original scene from the classic Netflix series.  He will also address how to deal with the different challenges presented by each sequence. Students then get the chance to do the same in a timed situation, like a real session but with Warren playing the client’s role.  Students are also encouraged to bring their own footage to work on and share with the class. 

“I really enjoyed the course. This is an excellent class for anyone seeking to learn interesting and creative ways to grade the different type of digital material. The course structure makes it very enjoyable, easy to understand and gives you the necessary knowledge to stand out in this competitive industry.  Warren inspires and motivates you to be a better colorist.

- Former student Carlos Cortez Climaco, Mexico City



Who should attend?

Great for any current Resolve Colorists with at least 1 years experience or previous students who have completed either the ICA Basic or Advanced classes.


Topics Covered:

  • Using LUTs in a creative way
  • Using Plugins and Resolve presets
  • Preloading your timeline with Nodes
  • Log grading v Lift Gamma Gain
  • Advanced keying and curve control
  • Power Windows used in a creative way


Looks Covered:

  • Spot colors
  • Bleach Bypass
  • The ‘Wishy Washy’ flat look
  • The Film Print Look
  • Day for Night
  • Classic Black and White
  • Orange and Teal


The course will be ICA certified with all students getting a certificate.  Each student has their own workstation.

NEW DATES!! May 1 - 2, 2017 (Monday - Tuesday).  Two-day intensives are from 10am - 6pm.  

Course Cost: $1,095  Registration is under two-day/weekend drop down tab.


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Official Class Sponsor:

Cost: $1,095

Certification cost: NA