MEWShop Announces New One-day DSLR Production Workshops


Hands-on, comprehensive workshops to get students in the field right away!

New York, New York – November 4, 2014– Manhattan Edit Workshop (MEWShop), the cutting-edge authorized digital training destination for post-production and content creators, is pleased to announce the debut of its new DSLR Video Fundamentals Workshop series.  Students of all skill levels can immerse themselves in these new intensive courses covering the latest techniques in shooting, accessories, and proven DSLR workflow solutions.  MEWShop instructor Chad Anderson will lead students through hands-on exercises and demonstrate key concepts such as exposure, lighting, lenses, interview techniques, and audio recording.

“As the demand for quality media continues to grow more and the barrier of entry continues to drop, more people are choosing a DIY approach to filmmaking.  Our new DSLR Video Workshops are a great way to learn how to shoot great video on a budget.” says Josh Apter, Owner and Founder, Manhattan Edit Workshop. “These new classes give people the technical foundation and confidence they need in the field.”


Fundamentals of DSLR Video: Part I – December 6, 2014 - $199

Through demonstration of key camera components and various hands-on exercises, students learn the basic principles, techniques and strategies for shooting high quality DSLR video .

Course Outline:

Technology of DSLR Video

  • Single Lens Reflex
  • CMOS Sensor
  • Focal Length and Depth of Field

The DSLR Interface

  • Media Cards and Recorders
  • Iris, ISO & Shutter
  • Image Resolution and Frame Rates


  • Zooms vs. Primes
  • Lens Types and Choices
  • Aperture Settings


  • Shot Composition
  • Vectors & Thirds
  • Framing


  • Tripods
  • Sliders
  • Hand-held techniques


Fundamentals of DSLR Video: Part II - December 7, 2014 - $199

In the second part of our DSLR Video series, students build on the techniques from our Fundamentals of DSLR Video: Part I.  Students learn the basics of lighting, set-up and direction for interviews, and preparation for editorial. 

Course Outline:


  • Three-point Lighting
  • Field Lighting Techniques
  • Spots, Fills and Accents
  • Lighting for VFX

Interview Techniques

  • Staging and Set-up
  • Working with the interview subject

 Prep for Post-Production

  • Transfer and Backup
  • Proxy and Transcode
  • Assistant Editor notes


Field Audio Production Workshop- December 13, 2014 - $199

Through demonstration and hands-on exercises with audio interfaces, mixers and microphones students will build the basic skills for recording and delivering high-quality audio in both interior and exterior environments.

Course Outline:

Basics of Sound

  • Frequency
  • Amplitude
  • Reverb and Echo

Basic Microphones

  • Electrical Properties
  • Microphone Elements
  • Pick-up Pattern
  • Special design microphones

Mixer Operation

  • Input and Gain
  • EQ
  • Signal Flow
  • Aux and Output Busses
  • VU-Meters

Microphone Placement on Set

  • Lavaliere
  • Boom
  • Recording and Sync

Field Audio

  • Field Mixers
  • Pro Tools Interfaces
  • Digital recorders
  • Wireless Set-ups


Pricing and Registration

For more information on the DSLR Fundamentals Workshop series or to register for classes, please click here.  Each class runs 10am – 5pm and costs $199.  Class size is limited to 16 students.


Students may bundle the Fundamentals of DSLR Video: Part I ($199.00) and Fundamentals of DSLR Video: Part II ($199.00) for the total price of $349.00.  Students may also bundle the Fundamentals of DSLR Video: Part I ($199.00), Fundamentals of DSLR Video: Part II ($199.00) , and our Field Audio Production workshop($199.00), for the total price of $499.00.  Please indicate in the comments section of the registration page that you are taking more than one class and would like to receive the bundle price when registering.


About Instructor Chad Anderson - Chad is a college professor, animation geek, poet, video editor & skateboarder from the Jersey Shore.   He has worked on a range of editing and visual FX projects for corporate, educational, broadcast, non-profit and military organizations all over the country (and once in Korea).  Previous clients have included E! Entertainment, The Charlie Rose Show, the WB, The Count Basie Theatre and a film that went straight to video with John Stamos in it. He holds a Master’s in Education from NJCU and has been teaching for over 17 years.


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