Four compelling insights for editors from Sight, Sound & Story 2015

By Peter Haas

Reality TV Panel at Sight, Sound & Story 2015 RedShark News

Reality TV Panel at Sight, Sound & Story 2015 RedShark News

2015's Sight, Sound and Story conference at the Manhattan Edit Workshop provided some real nuggets of wisdom that can be applied to every edit room.

Building upon previous years of success, Sight, Sound & Story returned to New York; its mission to explore the art of visual storytelling and create, as Manhattan Edit Workshop owner Josh Apter puts it: "A familiar enclave for the creative exchange of ideas and a celebration of the collaborative process of making movies and television."

Two new panels covering unscripted television and documentary films were big additions to Sight, Sound & Story this year. In total, there were four distinct panels, as separate panels on narrative television and feature films rounded out the list.

The moderated question and answer panels offered a unique glimpse into the world of big-budget editing rooms. Multiple versions of the same scene were screened at various points in the editing process, starting from the first assembly to the final version that made it to air/screen.

While a wealth of information was presented (a majority of it dealing directly with improving the initial edits), we were able to assemble some golden nuggets of wisdom out of the proceedings that apply to every edit room.

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