MEWShop Becomes An Adobe Certified Training Facility


Manhattan Edit Workshop announces that it is officially an Adobe Certified Training Facility.  MEWShop now offers certified classes in Adobe products to compliment our great range of other post-production classes.  We look forward to a great relationship with Adobe as well as being able to provide as many training options as we can for our students.  Our current upcoming scheduled classes:

Photoshop CS4 Level I: (10am - 6pm)

  • July 18th - July 19th
  • July 20th - July 21st
  • August 15th - August 16th

Photoshop CS4 Level II: (10am - 6pm)

  • August 24th - August 25th

After Effects CS4 Level I: (10am - 6pm)

  • June 20th - June 21st
  • June 29th - June 30th
  • July 27th - July 28th
  • August 1st - August 2nd

After Effects CS4 Level II: (10am - 6pm)

  • July 6th - July 7th
  • July 29th - July 30th
  • August 29th - August 30th

Illustrator CS4 Level I: (10am - 6pm)

  • June 27th - June 28th
  • July 13th - July 14th
  • July 25th - July 26th
  • August 17th - August 18th