MEWShop & Lo-Fi Pictures Launch Groundbreaking, Public Collaboration Film


MEWShop and Lo-Fi Pictures Debut First Ever Collaborative Edit for a Feature Film.

On President's Day, February 15th at 8PM EST, Manhattan Edit Workshop and Lo-Fi Pictures open the door to a virtual cutting room, inviting you to participate in an entirely new and engaging feature film process.  On that date, Out of Many will become the first feature to publicly screen a working cut and seek collaborative feedback via live chat.

Directed by MEWShop and Lo-Fi Pictures owner Josh Apter, Out of Many follows five unique individuals compelled to attend the historic inauguration of Barack Obama.  There's Sara, an unemployed theater manager from Brooklyn; Eric, a divorced Los Angeles Firefighter; Shayla, an expatriate photographer just back from Paris; Diana, a Bronx cop, Air Force reservist and former Republican; and Ryan, a cyclist from Portland who crossed the country on his ten-speed in the hopes of scoring a ticket to Obama's swearing in.

A direct, "in the trenches" view of the mass exodus and harmonious chaos leading to the Mall in Washington DC that cold January day, Out of Many takes you on an unforgettable trip to the heart of our nation - and the moment that changed America.

After the screening, which will appear online only at, on February 15th at 8 PM EST, viewers can log on to the site and offer their editorial comments, expertise and opinions. The finished film will premier July 4th, 2010 on-line and in selected cities.