Q & A With MEWShop Owner Josh Apter - Production Hub


How do certified training classes differentiate professionals in today’s competitive marketplace?

Hands-on, instructor-led certified training classes are the most efficient way to learn editing. I was a self-taught Avid and FCP editor for years and felt very comfortable with the machinery. It wasn't until I finally took my certified training to become an instructor that I saw what I was missing! I was shocked at the huge gaps in my knowledge. I'm a faster and better editor for having learned the software in a certified training environment, and I've seen the same results in countless MEW Shop students. 

What is MEW Shop and how can production professionals benefit from those services?

MEW Shop offers a full range of instructor-led courses, from the Avid and Adobe family of products to the complete Final Cut Studio Package. Classes range from a short two-day intro to an intensive six-week "Art of Editing" workshop in FCP, Avid & After Effects - and many more classes in between. Production professionals have trained as entire departments in new software to ensure a consistent level of skill, and as individuals looking to broaden their knowledge base. 

How did it get started?

Manhattan Edit Workshop was really an extension of the private training I was doing while freelancing in the late 90s. It became a more gratifying and logical direction to go.

Who are the teachers and the Artists in Residence? What is their experience?

Our instructors are working editors, DVD authors, motion graphics artists, as well as certified Avid, Apple and Adobe trainers. The Artists in Residence are working editors at the top of their fields, many with Academy Award winning or nominated films to their credit. It's great to have them work directly with our six-week students, as their insight into the process of an editor, and a career as an artist, are both invaluable. 

Why is learning Avid, Final Cut Pro and After Effects at MEW Shop necessary in the production world?

Try finding a want ad for an editor that doesn't include all three abilities! Many employers ask for even more for an entry-level post position. Where I don't think it's a particularly realistic request (especially for the low rates they're offering), I do think it's important to go out into the workplace with a well-rounded skill set.
How is your service different from other editing learning facilities?
All of our trainers are also working professionals, so every class includes some of the teacher's creative perspective - it's not just a class about button pushing, but also the aesthetic decisions behind the button! We also pride ourselves in continued support after the training is done. We'll always help troubleshoot a problem or advise on a purchase. We even connect students in our six-week intensive with potential employers through a unique "Manhattan Edit Workforce" program, where student reels are showcased to participating employers (upwards of 20 in NY as of now). 

How are your courses different from other editing courses?

There's really no other six-week course that covers Final Cut Pro, Avid, After Effects, and the art and history of editing, and that provides students with as much of a grounding to get started in the industry. As for our other courses, we've heard raves from people who have gone to other facilities and then come to us. I think it boils down to trainers and we try very hard not only to cultivate the best instructors out there, but we strive to keep them happy and treat them like family.

What have past students liked most about your program?

Our personal approach to training, and the feeling that they're learning more than just a computer interface. No lab coats or three-piece suites, Manhattan Edit Workshop is about editors training editors.