FCP X Online Training: Manhattan Edit Workshop's Classroom in a Cup

New York, New York – September 22, 2011 – Manhattan Edit Workshop (MEWShop), the cutting-edge authorized digital training destination, today released its online training series Classroom in a Cup: Final Cut Pro X featuring MEWShop founder and filmmaker, Josh Apter, and Apple® Certified Trainer Ari Feldman.  Offering a no holds barred approach, Apter and Feldman teach the ins-and-outs of Final Cut Pro® X (FCP X) with candid commentary about the radical changes and immense potential offered by one of the industry’s most beloved editing applications.  "Its not the perfectly rehearsed robotic training people have been used to, this is a very educated, guided tour of this new application with two of your buddies. Apter and Feldman’s commentary and chemistry made the time fly, kudos for producing something so different," says Final Cut Pro Master and Tech Visionary, Evan Schechtman.

Apter and Feldman take viewers on an informative journey, re-editing a DSLR short film originally cut in Final Cut Pro 7.  Not your grandma’s training video, the dynamic pair teaches students how to clear the FCP X hurdles and learn to love its innovative new features.  “The new ‘Classroom in a Cup’ series from MEWShop is definitely a different way to learn. You will laugh, shake your a head a few times and along the way pick up killer editing tips and techniques for any FCP X project.  It’s a new and unique approach to training that hasn’t been done before… and these guys knock it out of the park,” comments Jem Schofield, Producer/Educator, theC47.com.

MEWShop ‘Classroom in a Cup’ Delivery and Pricing

For online delivery of the tutorial, which consists of five plus hours of training divided into 22 chapters, Manhattan Edit Workshop has partnered with well-known industry online training provider, Class on Demand. Students can stream the new ‘Classroom in a Cup: Final Cut Pro X’ tutorial from the Class on Demand learning platform for $39.95. ‘Classroom in a Cup’ Virtual Office Hours are included with each subscription purchase.

To purchase at Class on Demand please click here.