Manhattan Edit Workforce

Your Reel to twenty-five* top NYC post houses. Guaranteed.

Mewshop is constantly looking for new ways to connect students and employers.  To this end, we‘ve launched a program called Manhattan Edit Workforce.

Here’s how it works:
Each student in our Six-Week Intensive Art of Editing Workshop cuts an editor reel in the class. Each of these reels are coupled with a resume and posted on the student’s web site.

Each participating Employer receives an email with-log in information every time there’s a new group of graduates.  They can browse through reels and contact students directly or through Mewshop.

In the past, when these companies hired, they looked to Manhattan Edit Workshop.
Now they go straight to the source – you.

Click here to register as an employer.

Click here to see this program featured on in July 2009





* Actual number may be higher.

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