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Smoke 201 | 2 Day

Advanced Compositing - $1,195


This two-day hands-on course focuses on advance compositing and visual effects. You will learn keying; color correction and tracking techniques that will help you achieve complex composites with professional results. As well you will create 3D scenes that take full advantage of Smoke’s powerful 3D compositing environment and 3D tools. This course complements the Smoke 101 course.

Each student gets their own workstation.  

Who should attend? The course is designed for users who have taken the Smoke 101 class or are already familiar with the Smoke software.

Prerequisites: Smoke 101 course or familiarity with the Smoke software

What you will learn:

  • Ability to create complex 3D composites in Smoke

  • Advance keying and tracking techniques

  • Understanding of 3D workflow and lighting techniques

  • COMPOSITE a 3D scene

  • ACHIEVE complex KEYING

  • COLOR CORRECTION techniques

  • TRACKING techniques

  • TRACK Garbage Masks

  • TRACK elements in Action

  • IMPORT 3D objects and scene

  • CREATE and modify 3D text

  • ADD lights and shadows

  • USE motion blur

Course Outline:

Day 1:

Keying in Action

  • Working in Action

  • Keying in Action

  • Keying Tips & Techniques

  • Garbage Masks

  • Rotoscoping

Secondary Color Correction

  • Color Warper Selectives

  • Color Isolation techniques

Tracking & Stabilizing

  • Auto-Stabilizing

  • Tracking Garbage Masks

  • Tracking Elements in Action

Day 2:

Action Surfaces and 3D Scene

  • Surface Types

  • Warping Images

  • 3D Views

  • Cameras

  • 4-Point Tracking (corner Pinning)

Advance 3D compositing

  • Import 3D Model and Create 3D Text

  • Lighting Techniques

  • Shading

  • Texture Mapping

  • Motion Blur

Media Management

  • Manage your projects and your Media

  • Archive a Smoke project

  • Restore a Smoke project

*Modular Keyer Overvied

  • Advanced Node-Based Keyer Overview

* This additional topic is available to users familiar with node-based compositing.

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