"I'm in the middle of a career transition from engineering to video editing, and I took a chance with the six week intensive course. I can't say enough how valuable this experience has been for me. It would have been a total mistake if I tried to jumpstart this new career on my own because it's no where as effective as learning from people who have a lifetime of experience as editors. You don't only learn how to feel completely at ease with using the softwares (Avid, Premiere, After Effects), you learn every crucial technique that will most likely be asked of you to perform in any editing position. You walk out with a portfolio website, confidence in your potential, and a community you can always keep in touch with or help you out when you need it. It is so worth it!"  - Vanessa Rodriguez, April 2018 Six Week Intensive Graduate


"The instructors are the program's greatest strength, especially in combination with the small class size. They have a solid program and an excellent school.—Christopher Olsen, Editor, Co-Founder, Momentum Media Group NY


"The best! If you're looking for a way to kick off a career in post-production, the MEWShop is where it's at!" - Drew Palazzo, Editor, Ogilvy & Mather


"I wish to thank the Manhattan Edit Workshop for an amazing two-day class on Avid Editing.  The facility was first-rate, and the equipment top of the line. The staff were really nice, too, and ready with a smile (and coffee).  I've come away feeling confident that, with time and practice, I will soon master the Avid. I've got the best foundation from which to start.  More than I expected!  Manhattan Edit Workshop delivered!" - Hamilton Fisher, Student


"This six week program was truly better than I expected it to be. It was a positive experience that allowed me to understand the foundation and mechanics of editing. The instructors were all very patient and accommodating. I will definitely be recommending this program." -Daniel Giannusa, October 2013 Six Week Intensive Graduate



"The instructors are patient, clear and extremely experienced…a truly amazing school." - Monique Ah-Sue, Editor/Producer, MTV


"The Six Week Workshop was a great experience. I had already been working as a video editor for seven years but going back to basics, understanding the theory behind the cuts, the teachers and artists in residence were a huge inspiration to keep learning. I really enjoyed it!" - Diego Del Corral, Editor and March 2017 Six Week Intensive Graduate


"I've been to several training classes. I've never learned as much as I did at this one. The instructor, Chad, was top-notch. Not only was he personable and engaging, he made the complex understandable. The facility is beautiful, the people in my class cool and talented (some excellent designers!) and the location ideal. Looking forward to another class soon. A+ for this place.

If you need a skill and online training isn't cutting it, this is a great solution.- Scott Brown, Marketing


"I'm so glad I found you. You are very responsible toward your students. You are good people. This is one of the best educational experiences of my life. I wish all learning institutions took responsibility for instruction the way MEWShop does." Victoria Roberts, July 2013 Six Week Intensive Graduate


"My experience was great! I will and have referred my colleagues to Manhattan Edit Workshop." - Melissa Neely, Producer, Nickelodeon


"I owe a lot to MEWShop--your workshop has taught me so many things about film and opened the door of inspiration that enhanced my passion in film and editing. The staff and instructors are fantastic and thank you again for your constant support and encouragement."  - Kelsy Lua, USC Film Graduate Student and November 2015 Six Week Intensive Workshop Graduate


"Teacher was great - very helpful and would walk us through what to do and then let us try on our own. If we had any troubles, he'd help explain what we did wrong or how to fix it. We covered a lot of material in 3 days and I'm excited to use Premiere Pro on my own!" - Elise M., Marketing Professional


"Changed my life. What else can I say?" - Clinton Orman, Assistant Editor and former Six Week Intensive Student


"Best editing courses in NY! By far!  Real industry related workshops with hands-on classes and tutors that are actually working in the field. I've enhanced my skills with them and it only helped my career. No regrets!" - Pedro Tarrago, Editor


"A priceless experience you will never forget! I can't stress enough how nice and supportive the whole staff is and how they make the learning experience productive, complete, natural, and over all Inspirational!"     - Jose Taveras, Assistant Editor and former Six Week Intensive Student


"Was apart of the pro tools 101-110 courses at MEWShop. I was very happy with my experience overall. Great instructors, friendly staff, and most importantly I learned a lot! These people seem to genuinely care about teaching." - Andrew Paonessa, Student


"Great Classes, Great People. Highly Recommended." - Giorgio Martorana - Assistant Editor


"Manhattan Edit workshop is the highlight of my Professional Development in the summer. I enjoy the small class size, the ability to be creative, and create work I can share with my students & school community. The teachers are fantastic experts who can teach, solve and troubleshoot. You will not be disappointed in your experience here!" - Jody Lazarski, Video Production Instructor, Passaic County Technical Institute


"The Manhattan Edit Workshop is the place to learn : whether you're a newbie or a seasoned person in the Post Production fields, this institute fosters technical and creative growth. The facility is top notch, providing clean, spacious classrooms, and premiere/up-to-date work stations for editing. Ones individual exploration paired with the unmatched educational support from the Workshop made my involvement there a wise investment. The lessons are thorough and well paced. Questions and curiosities can be asked and shared amongst a comfortable circle of Staff/Teachers alike! I, personally, require time to process information: hear, see it, do it. And that exact method is MEWs pedagogical standard.  The Six Week class is truly the best bang for your buck - especially if you have the drive to learn the basic platforms and build new skill sets.

I know it sounds too good to be true. But it is as honest, challenging, engaging, and fulfilling as the learning process can get. My 6-week course gave me the fundamentals I needed to jump into the Assistant editor field, where I am now actively employed as a Post company.   The teachers AND the Alums look out for you! The network built here is gold. Only furthering ones reach in the Editing world.  I would strongly recommend this Workshop to anyone willing to put their best foot forward, and gain knowledge in this creative and exciting profession."  - Gretchen Wells, Assistant Editor and former Six Week Intensive Student