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  • October 21 - November 8, 2019

  • April 13 - May 1, 2020

Three Week Advanced Art of Editing Workshop | 3 Weeks

THREE WEEK ADVanced Art of Editing Workshop - $3,500



The Three Week Advanced Art of Editing Workshop, is an intermediate to advanced level workshop geared to people who want to advance their career beyond the basics. This workshop will cover advanced techniques for picture and sound editing, with particular attention to workflow and understanding Avid Media Composer and Premiere Pro at a deeper level. This workshop will teach you what you need to know to take your career in storytelling to a higher level.

WEEK ONE: Avid Media Composer

The goal of this week is to give you the capabilities to excel in the field of post-production as an Avid professional. Particular attention is paid to concepts and workflows of both short-form and long form. In short form the editor may be responsible for the overall production of the story including ingest, editing, effects, audio work and final delivery. 

In long form the editor may be part of a larger team where you are responsible for certain aspects of the production process, including ingesting, logging, preparing scripts, editing, organizing sound tracks and using some composting methods to provide pre-visualization.

WEEK TWO: Premiere Pro & After Effects

This week’s goal is to give you the capabilities to excel in the field of post-production as an Adobe Premiere professional.  You will get a thorough overview of the premiere interface, tools and features and production flow for using Premiere Pro and After Effects. Including ingesting, proxy workflow, advanced editing techniques, creating motion graphics and visual effects, using dynamic Link: from premiere pro to After Effects, audio and color correction.

WEEK THREE: Working with The Artist in Residence

This week focuses on the creative and aesthetic aspects of storytelling. You will choose to edit a short piece from a variety of genres working with an acclaimed editor to shape and craft your work. You will be given feedback and guidance as you edit with the end goal of completed a short piece for your editor’s reel.

Each student gets their own workstation.  

Prerequisite: Six Week Intensive Workshop or equivalent experience.

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