Week 1

Editing theory | Introduction to Premiere Pro

We’ll introduce the core concepts of film editing with Premiere Pro, fast-emerging as the new industry standard.  In addition, we’ll explore the history of editing theory from early silent films of Edison and Melies, through Griffith and Eisenstein, up to the most current editing techniques of the modern masters of cinema.

Detailed Topic Overview

Week 2

Advanced Premiere Pro | After Effects for Editors | Cutting Short-Form

Class will focus on a real world exercise, taking a short project from dailies to delivery, while learning advanced features in Premiere Pro.  We also look at techniques of short-form editing in music videos, film trailers, promos and 30-second spots.  Students also will get an introduction to After Effects and be able to incorporate basic effects into their projects. 

Week 3

Avid Media Composer Basics

We’ll introduce you to editing with Avid Media Composer, and analyze the difference and similarities between Avid and Premiere Pro. We’ll also look at the challenge of cutting comedy and deconstruct some of the funniest examples in film history – from Chaplin and Keaton to Allen and Coen.

We’ll apply week three’s Avid concepts to a start-to-finish exercise in non-fiction editing.  Looking at the history and technique behind Documentary, we’ll study the genre from the earliest examples of Robert Flaherty and Leni Riefenstahl, to more modern movements like Cinema Verite.  In addition, we’ll visit Splash Studios and learn about the intricacies of sound design for film.

Detailed Topic Overview Week 3 + 4

Week 4

Workflow with Avid Media Composer

Week 5

Scene Work

As you develop and edit your reel, you’ll meet with our Artist in Residence for a discussion about their work and a career in editing.  The class and resident artist will also screen and critique the week’s work-in-progress. We’ll also take a trip to a working post production facility.  This field trip varies between iTV America (Leftfield Productions), North South TV, Deluxe, and/or Radical Media. 

Week 6

Scene Work & Finishing Your Reel

The Artist in Residence returns for an additional in-class screening and discussion.  We’ll screen our work again as we finalize changes for picture-lock.  Finally, we’ll take you through the process of compressing a final output, building your own website, and posting your reels on-line for potential employers to see with a single click.

Class ends with a student screening and class lunch where we discuss how to find work and get off to the right start in the industry.