Sight, Sound & Story

Presented by Manhattan Edit Workshop (MEWShop), “Sight, Sound & Story” is an ongoing high-profile speaker series that brings audiences behind the scenes with legends of visual storytelling. 

Each event is hosted at the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway at 1871 Broadway, just footsteps from Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center.      


Upcoming Production Event:

Art of Cinematography

This coming December 6, 2017 - MEWShop's acclaimed speaker series returns for the third year with an evening devoted to the art of cinematography.  Join us as we celebrate the craft of visual storytelling from the masters behind the camera - we’ll go behind the scenes with some of the industry's acclaimed cinematographers and then explore the process of shooting narrative feature films and series television.

     Suzy Elmiger, ACE and Julius Ramsay

    Suzy Elmiger, ACE and Julius Ramsay

    Previous Award-Winning Guests 

    • Michael Kahn, ACE (Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Lincoln) 
    • William Goldenberg, ACE (Argo, The Imitation Game, Zero Dark Thirty)
    • Alan Heim, ACE (All That Jazz, Network)
    • Jerry Greenberg, ACE (Apocalypse Now, The French Connection)
    • Paul Koestner (Louie, Deadbeat, Better Things)
    • Sidney Wolinsky, ACE (The Sopranos, The Strain, Ray Donovan)
    • Bill Pankow, ACE (The Untouchables, Carlito’s Way)
    • Cindy Mollo, ACE (House of Cards, Mad Men)
    • Nancy Schreiber, ASC (November, The Nines, The Comeback)
    • Rob Legato (Avatar, Hugo)
    • Fabienne Bouville, ACE (American Horror Story, Masters of Sex)
    • Susan Morse, ACE (Manhattan, Hannah and Her Sisters)
    • & more.



     Bobbie O'Steen and Dylan Tichenor, ACE

    Bobbie O'Steen and Dylan Tichenor, ACE

    Post-Production Event Clips

    Go behind the scenes and learn about the film cutting process with our award winning editors from our 2017 event. 


    Headlining Panel: Dylan Tichenor, ACE with Moderator Bobbie O'Steen

    TV Panel: Kabir Akhtar, ACE and Moderator Michael Berenbaum, ACE


    Read About the 2017 Event

    WES Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson's Editor Reveals Secrets from the Cutting Room


    During a wide-ranging discussion at Saturday's Sight, Sound & Story panel in New York, Academy Award-nominated editor Dylan Tichenor, ACE revealed to moderator Bobbie O'Steen that he first began to comprehend film editing while watching classic films likeNosferatu with his father. It was during these formative viewing experiences—including holding a piece of film from Orson Welles' The Magnificent Ambersons up to the light—that Tichenor realized movies were composed of different shots.


    Sight Sound & Story 2017: TV editing and Dylan Tichenor, ACE

    Randi Altman's Post Perspective | Amy Leland

    TV is the New Black Panelists included Kabir Akhtar, ACE, Suzy Elmiger, ACE, Julius Ramsay and moderator Michael Berenbaum, ACE.

    While I haven’t made it a professional priority to break into scripted TV editing because my focus is on being a filmmaker, with editing as “just” a day job, I still love this panel, and every year it makes me reconsider that goal. This year’s was especially lively because two of the panelists, Kabir Akhtar and Julius Ramsay, have known each other from very early on in their careers and each had hilarious war stories to share.




    “It was a real honor to be there, and I had a lot of fun with our discussion. I really hope everyone got something out of the panel, and hope to see their careers grow & flourish! I really admire what you all are doing, and think it serves a valuable purpose in the industry. As I mentioned, I wish I had attended one of your seminars when I was 25!”
    — Julius Ramsay, Editor (The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica)
    “This was one of the best events I’ve ever covered.”
    — Justin Morrow - Writer, No Film School
    “The Manhattan Edit Workshop (MEW) continues to grow its reputation as the top spot on the East Coast to learn the editor’s craft. So it’s perhaps not unusual that it offers a great service pulling together panels of top-notch working editors who provide insight into how they pull off the latest reality TV show, miniseries or feature.”
    — Dan Ochiva, NYC Production & Post News