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  • Dec 8, 2018

Field Audio Production Workshop | 1 day

Field Audio Production Workshop - $249

[ONE-DAY INTENSIVE, 10am - 5pm]

Through developing a fundamental understanding of audio interfaces, mixers and microphones, students will build basic skills for recording and delivering quality audio in field and location environments. Specific focus will be on audio production on a video or film set as well various multiple sound source environments.

Course Outline:
Basics of Acoustics

  • Frequency

  • Amplitude

  • Reverb and Echo

Basic Microphones

  • Electrical Properties

  • Microphone Elements

  • Pick-up Pattern

  • Special design microphones

Mixer Operation

  • Input and Gain

  • EQ

  • Signal Flow

  • Aux and Output Busses

  • VU-Meters

Mic Placement on Set

  • Lavalier

  • Boom

  • Recording and Sync

Field Audio

  • Field Mixers

  • ProTools Interfaces

  • Digital recorders

  • Wireless Set-up