"Manhattan" Editor Susan E. Morse, ACE Joins our May 2017 Six Week Intensive Workshop

MEWShop is proud to welcome Oscar nominated editor Susan E. Morse, ACE, as our Artist in Residence for our Six Week Intensive Art of Editing Workshop that starts May 1, 2017.   To find out more information about our Six Week Intensive program or to register, please click here.

About Susan E. Morse, ACE:  Susan is best known for her more than twenty year collaboration with writer/director Woody Allen, beginning as an assistant film editor on his 1977 film Annie Hall, uncredited co-editor on Interiors, and her first solo editing credit on Manhattan, for which she received her first British Academy Award Nomination for Best Film Editing. In addition to her prolific collaboration with Allen, Morse has edited films for directors Steve Gordon, Jim Kouf, Lee Davis, Marc Lawrence, Chazz Palmintieri and, more recently, first-time director Massy Tadjedin, as well as serving stints as an associate film editor on Walter Hill’s The Warriors (with a team of editors headed by David Holden), and briefly on Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull (with longtime friend and three time Oscar- winning editor Thelma Schoonmaker.)  The 32 feature films Morse has edited have earned worldwide critical acclaim, including a total of 41 Oscar nomina- tions and 7 Oscars. In addition, two of the films she has edited with first- time writer/directors–Arthur (with Steve Gordon in 1981) and Two Weeks Notice (with Marc Lawrence in 2002)– were major successes at the box office.

Morse has been interviewed for numerous books on the craft of editing including The Business of Show Business by Judith A. Katz, Selected Takes by Vinnie LoBrutto, and Reel Women by Ally Acker, as well as Microsoft’s Cinemania ’97. She has also been a guest of Richard Brown’s New School adult education class, the National Film Board of Canada in Montreal, the Filmwerkstatt in Essen, Germany, and film festivals in Seattle, Washington and Washington, D.C. among other venues.

But it is for her contributions to pacing, structure, clarity, character develop- ment and comic timing that Morse is most sought after as a film editor. For her many successes in that regard, she has five times been voted British Academy Award nominations by her peers—for ManhattanZeligRadio DaysCrimes and Misdemeanors and Hannah and Her Sisters. In addition, the members of the Academy voted her an Oscar nomination for Hannah and Her Sisters, she is listed in Who’s Who in the World and she was honored with a Muse Award by New York Women in Film and Television in 2005.


Susan Morse, ACE talks about "Annie Hall." From the panel "Inside the Cutting Room with Bobbie O'Steen," at "Sight, Sound & Story" on June 8th, 2013. Susan E. Morse (born 1952) is an American film editor with more than 30 film credits. She had a notable collaboration with director Woody Allen from 1977 to 1998.
Editor Susan Morse, ACE talks with moderator Bobbie O'Steen about the difficulty with beginnings, using a scene from "Manhattan." From the panel "Inside the Cutting Room with Bobbie O'Steen," at "Sight, Sound & Story" on June 8th, 2013. For more information go to: www.SightSoundandStory.com. Susan E.


Susan E. Morse ACE, known as "Sandy," graduated Yale with a degree in History before going to Film School at NYU. She never graduated film school, though, because she took an internship that turned into a job and she never looked back. Early in her career she was an Assistant Editor, working on "Annie Hall" and Interiors.


Editor Susan Morse, ACE recounts a story that foreshadows her brilliant contributions to the world of filmmaking, during the Legends of the 70's panel from "Inside the Cutting Room with Bobbie O'Steen," at "Sight, Sound & Story" on June 8th, 2013. This event was produced by Manhattan Edit Workshop.