Upcoming Dates

  • Sept. 26 -27, 2019

  • Jan. 23 -24, 2020

  • April 1 - 2, 2020

FA 101 | 2 Day

Fairlight Audio in Resolve - $1,095


Now that Fairlight has been added to Davinci Resolve, you now have the power of a full professional digital audio workstation at your fingertips. Our two-day hands-on class is dedicated to teaching you the art of sound editing, sweetening, recording, mixing and mastering with Fairlight audio tools. Emerging audio editors and assistants looking to upgrade will find clear workflow driven lessons, while seasoned audio professionals will quickly adapt to Fairlight's user-friendly tools. You'll also gain experience with Fairlight's powerful features include ADR tools, connecting to external sound libraries, using video and audio scrollers, optional fixed playhead playback, clip normalization, built-in native audio plugins and more.

Who Should Attend? DaVinci Resolve editors, editors switching to Resolve, audio newcomers, and experienced audio professionals who want to create, enhance and mix soundtracks in the Fairlight interface.


  • Knowledge of Mac OS X and basic computer navigation.

  • Interest in sound mixing.

  • Basic knowledge of editing terminology is highly recommended

What you will learn:

You’ll work with multiple projects and timelines to learn the fundamental and practical techniques used in several audio production genres. You’ll acquire industry-standard skills that you can apply to real-world productions.

Each student gets their own workstation.

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