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  • Sept. 26 - 27, 2019

  • Nov. 23 -24, 2019

  • April 4 - 5, 2020

Media Composer 239 | 2 Day

Color Grading with Media Composer and Symphony - $1,095


Color grading is more popular today than ever before - and in greater demand! Avid Media Composer has a powerful toolset allowing you to combine both HSL and Curves corrections for robust corrections, while Symphony takes it to the next level with advanced secondary correction tools and the fastest color-grading workflow in the industry. You can learn to use these powerful tools efficiently, using expert techniques to achieve consistent, professional results.

Our two-day Color Grading with Media Composer and Symphony (MC239) course will teach you to carefully analyze images to diagnose the problems and fix them quickly. Learn to grade in multiple passes, leveraging various tools for flexibility in correcting the toughest images. Learn to control the eye of the viewer through little known shape-based secondary tools found in both Media Composer and Symphony that enable you to create animated masks, vignettes, and gradients. Plus, master the advanced relationship-based grading tools in Symphony to streamline your grading workflow and finish in less time than you thought possible.

Who Should Attend?

Editors, Assistant editors, and Multimedia producers.


Completion of MC 101: Media Composer Fundamentals I and MC 110: Media Composer Fundamentals II or equivalent experience of 12 months full-time editing on the system.

Completion of MC 210: Media Composer Professional Editing II is also strongly recommended

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Color Grading Fundamentals

  • System Configurations for Color Grading

  • Core Grading Tools and Techniques

  • Using Curves for Grading

  • Advanced Primary Color Correction

  • Secondary Color Correction (Avid Symphony)

  • Using AniMatte with Color Correction

  • Grouping Color Corrections

  • Delivering a Graded Digital Master

Each student gets their own workstation. 

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