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Bobbie O'Steen

Bobbie O’Steen is a New York-based writer who has been immersed in the world of film editing all her life. She first developed a love for movies watching her father, film editor Richard C. Meyer (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid). After earning a degree in anthropology at Stanford University, she went on to work as a story editor and film editor (Straight TimeTess). Following an Emmy® nomination in editing for the television movie Best Little Girl in the World, she began to write about the invisible art.

Bobbie first wrote about film with her late husband and colleague, Sam O’Steen, the legendary Oscar-nominated film editor in "Cut To The Chase: 45 Years of Editing America's Favorite Movies" (2002), filled with candid stories from the cutting room and behind the scenes on some of the most influential movies in motion picture history. Sam O’Steen was one of Hollywood's most distinguished film editors who worked with directors Mike Nichols, Roman Polanski and many others during what is now referred to as the “Golden Age.”

In her latest book published in 2009, "The Invisible Cut: How Editors Make Movie Magic", Bobbie uses frame grabs factual cuts from classic movie scenes (Body HeatTwelve Angry MenRear Window and The French Connection) to get deep inside the mind of the film editor and explain how the mysterious art is actually done.

Kicking off the 2011 Artist in Residence program on February 10th MEWShop welcomes Bobbie O’Steen, Emmy-nominated film editor and critically acclaimed author.