Curtiss Clayton

Lee Percy, ACE

Lee Percy has worked with director Barbet Schroeder from the Academy Award-winning film, Reversal of Fortune to Murder by Numbers. Lee also edited the Academy Award-winning Boys Don't Cry, and the critically acclaimed film, Maria Full of Grace.  He also worked on The Ice Harvest for director Harold Ramis, Oliver Stone's Snowden, as well as Sundance Film Festival 2009 nominee Taking Chance.  Lee's recent work includes the remake of the classic horror film Carrie, Amelia, HBO's Grey Gardens, and Oliver Stone's Snowden

"Breaking Into the Business" panel featured  Bill Pankow, ACE, Troy Takaki, ACE, Scott Brock, Lee Percy, ACE, and Plummy Tucker, ACE in a candid discussion of the rigors of starting and maintaining a long-lasting editing career.