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Keith Reamer

A veteran of independent film, Keith Reamer has edited such films as The Ballad of Little Jo, starring Ian McKellan, I Shot Andy Warhol, starring Lili Taylor, and Three Seasons, winner of Grand Jury Prize at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival.  Keith also cut Stephanie Daley, which received the Waldo Salt Award at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. Other films Keith has edited include, Alan Cumming's Suffering Man's Charity, Morgan Freeman's HomecomingLearning to DriveThe Last KeepersAmreeka and The Music Never Stopped.

PODCAST: An Evening with Film Editor Keith Reamer: Manhattan Edit Workshop's Artist in Residence Series

Mewshop continued their Artist in Residence program for 2011 by welcoming editor Keith Reamer. 

Keith Reamer talks about his experiences editing the foreign language film Amreeka.

Editor Keith Reamer discusses the role of the editor and the notion of flexibility. 

Editor Keith Reamer discusses cutting to music and his work on Suffering Man's Charity

Editor Keith Reamer on the joy of editing. 

Editor Keith Reamer discusses following the script and giving solutions. 

Editor Keith Reamer discusses taking notes and dealing with overwhelming footage. 

Editor Keith Reamer on cutting material down.