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Jim Lyons

Editor of the 4-time Academy Award nominated film Far From HeavenJim Lyons has a natural approach to storytelling and incredible understanding of character make him an asset to any project.  Working with Todd Haynes since the early nineties, Jim edited Poison, Safe, and the cult classic Velvet Goldmine (which he also co-wrote).  He has also edited a number of other features, including Sofia CoppolaÌs The Virgin Suicides, The Chateau, Spring Forward and Prozac Nation.

PODCAST: An Evening with Film Editor James Lyons: Manhattan Edit Workshop's Artist in Residence Series

Film editor Jim Lyons on the amorphous nature of The Virgin Suicides.

Film editor Jim Lyons on directing the audience's focus in Far from Heaven.

Editor Jim Lyons discusses style and the opportunity of being the first audience for the material.

Editor Jim Lyons discusses compromise and his work on The Virgin Suicides.

Editor Jim Lyons on method editing.